Social Gatherings

This is another most happening spots in today’s life. Social gatherings are needed to know each other, from the same or different spheres. You get few contacts or get to make new friends. Just because it is a social gathering, you can’t wear something as you like. Wear light clothing’s, keep your accessories light because you may or may not know the people there and same applies to them too. Indian attires too work well, unless you are heavy on them. Also, consider your body factor while you buy clothes. Wearing something that doesn’t suit your body type will always make you look bad. We hope you got some insight about dressing at

Clothing at the workplace

As you know, clothing represents many things about you. So, how would you like to present yourself? In a more disciplined and organised way or in an unorganised manner? Definitely everyone, atleast a majority of us would want to look more organised and carry ourselves with grace. Working now is completely different than it was a few decades ago. Working involves diversified cultures and people from all regions and all walks of life. Each one would have a belief about dressing, and not all of them need to agree on that. Hence, to avoid more conflictions and comments about dressing, most of the companies, which hail from different regions, have maintained a standard dress code at work. Few have formals only, semi formals too. Few companies allow casuals every day and formals on particular occasions.

So, we advise you to follow the company rules and abide by them. If you are wearing formal, wear them sensibly. Formals should be worn with very minimal ornaments and you must compliment it with very light makeup. Now when you are dressed up neatly according to your work environment, you needn’t worry about any consequences occurring and you can now concentrate on your job much peacefully.

The Clothing Ethics

How do you consider clothes as? It was a very simple term until few decades ago. But now, clothing says much than one can imagine. Earlier it was used to mainly cover the prominent parts of the body, but now it’s a fashion statement. What you wear and how you carry it is most important, in today’s trending times. In today’s highly developed modern world, looks are considered before anything else. You should be presentable at all times, and this is applicable to everyone, no matter what kind of work they do. For students who are at school, the word discipline is used to get them on track. Everyone wears the same uniform, but how well you maintain them, with clean wash, ironing regularly and replacing the old ones at the right times, tell how involved the parents and the child are.

The same is applicable to elders too. When you are going out for some work, then you must dress up appropriately, so as to receive the desired attention. Dressing up gives a positive outlook about you, how well you care for yourself. They also boost up your confidence too. Let’s consider this example. A person, who is accustomed to wearing casuals all throughout his life, when on work needs to wear a formal for a presentation; there are high chances that he will not do his best. The reason is, he is wearing the formals for the first time, and he is simply uncomfortable. Though he tries and wears them well before reaching the spot, he fails since he isn’t ‘used’ to the new type of wear he is wearing. All these are real instances in fact. It shows how clothing changes the level of confidence; even you are well versed and prepared for the day. In such cases, you may ask for a special consideration and come around in your regular outfit, or if you know the plan well before- go ahead and buy the attire well before the program and wear regularly and get used to the attire.

And that’s the reason we see too many dress restrictions at workplaces these days. Anything that is fine to you,isn’t the same to others and it needn’t be. Initially it may sound too restrictive, but over a period of time, you will realise its worth. Here we are going to talk about the dressing styles for every occasion or every work. How it affects and what you can do about them. If you know this, then its half the battle won at the workplace. If you already know, well you are absolutely perfect. But, there are many newcomers to each industry who might need this page. For all those folks, learn about clothing and walk confidently, be it at work or at a party, or even at a casual social gathering or attending friend’s wedding ceremony. All of them right here in one page. Firstly we shall talk about the professional dressing, because that’s the place where most of them make mistakes, and that’s the most important part too.