How we can help

When it comes to dressing, many of us make mistakes, knowingly and unknowingly. But, correcting them from time to time is the need of the hour. Nobody will hurt you if you are inappropriate at dressing, but you will lose the credits that are bound to be yours. When you dress as per the occasions you are sure to receive all credits.

We advise you to wear mainly comfortable clothing at the work place. Concentrate on comfort first, then the rule of the organisation if you have any. If you are buying formals, try the size before buying them directly. There are many new groups of people who assist people in dressing sense. They bring out the best in you. You can seek professional help if you need. They will help you in deciding the best outfits for you. according to your body shape, and your comfortability level they will assist you in selecting the type of clothes. The materials too vary. You may choose to wear something light like cotton and linen clothes for everyday wear, while keep the chiffon and georgette sort for an occasional wear.

If you don’t have any any regulations, then you must be even more careful and choosy. You cant wear anything, just because you don’t have to follow anything. Choose clothes in the same way, but let them be casuals. Wearing a jean teaming with shirts would be appropriate for a weekday and a tee for a weekend. If you still want to wear a tee, you can choose collared.

Indian wear like salwar and kurta too are gaining popularity in western regions. You can opt for them based on your taste and your comfortability and body. Be it whichever style, but wear them with sense. Don’t wear what is not comfortable to you.